Santiago Osorio Family

Yolanda Osorio Lafradez

YOLANDA OSORIO LAFRADEZ is the youngest child of Zoila Osorio and Alejandro Lafradez. As the youngest child she was the baby of the family, hence, her nickname Baby Yollie which stuck even after she reached adulthood. She graduated from Cebu Normal College with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Education (BSEED) and later went on to pursue graduate studies at the same institution and obtained an M.A. in Education with Music Education as her field of specialization.

On November 21, 1967, YOLANDA O. LAFRADEZ was united in matrimony with ROMEO ABUTON.

Their children:

1. Richard L. Abuton----------------1967
2. Maria Yvette L. Abuton----------1969
3. Yvonette L. Abuton---------------1972
4. Ronald L. Abuton-----------------1975

All of the children were born in Aloran, Misamis Occidental.


RICHARD L. ABUTON, the oldest child of Yolanda O. Lafradez and Romeo Abuton, married HELEN EBILLO INTOG of Sapang Dalaga, Misamis Occidental.

Their children:

1. Charlene Jayne I. Abuton --------------1989
2. Clairon France I. Abuton --------------1995
3. Aimee Theresa I. Abuton --------------2008

Charlene Jayne, Clairon France and Aimee Theresa were born in Oroquieta City.

YVONETTE L. ABUTON, the 3rd child of Yolanda O. Lafradez and Romeo Abuton, married LUCIO LINGUE BALSAMO of Pagadian City.

Their children:

1. Jude Emmanuel A. Balsamo---------1994
2. Jadriene A. Balsamo--------------------2005

Jude Emanuel was born in Oroquieta City while Jadriene  was born in Dublin, Ireland where Yvonette works as a nurse and lives there with her family.

RONALD L. ABUTON, the youngest and 4th child of Yolanda O. Lafradez and Romeo Abuton, married MARC DONNIE DETALLA LEOPOLDO of Oroquieta City.

Their children:

1. Dax Romar L. Abuton ---------1999
2. Zoellah L. Abuton ---------2001

Dax Romar and Zoellah were born in Oroquieta City.

MARIA YVETTE ABUTON, the 2nd child of Yolanda O. Lafradez and Romeo Abuton is still unmarried.