Santiago Osorio Family

The Challenge

    My inspiration and main source of data for this website is the epic work of Tio Banong (Urbano Osorio). His book on the genealogy of seven generations of the family is a fruit of love, tedious research, and a marvelous organization of the disparate facts that he uncovered in the course of his search for the roots of our family. I can imagine the countless hours that he spent leafing through the baptismal records, the marriage records, the confirmation records, and other records in that great repository of documents in the Dalaguete convent. The manner in which he gave flesh to the stark numbers and names by weaving his story in the context of the events of those days makes for entertaining historical reading. So, for those of you who just opened the book to look for your names and see what page you are in, I urge you to read the whole book.

    The book also unequivocally places at the feet of the later generations the challenge to continue what he started.

    This website is a salute to Tio Banong, and a group effort of my generation and the later generations to stand up to the challenge to make a sequel to his opus. This is undeniably a group effort for without the contributions of data from each family, this will not be complete. Be warned though, that this is a project that is always a work in progress as the proliferation of offspring does not stop.

    A conscious determination was made that this website will start with the branch of Santiago Osorio and Ambrosia Sandalo. Faced with the reality that some family members of the prior generations and later generations had feet itching to wander into near and faraway lands, making them sometimes untraceable, the cutoff was set to two generations back and only to one branch – that of Santiago Osorio, my grandfather, of which I am a member.

    Here’s hoping that some other branches of our family would do the same.

Edwin Roman Osorio La Rosa

Son of Alberto La Rosa & Juanita Osorio

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