Santiago Osorio Family

Rodulfo Osorio Lafradez

RODULFO OSORIO LAFRADEZ, the eldest child of Zoila Osorio and ALEJANDRO LAFRADEZ, married BETTY DE LOS SANTOS, from Cantuhaon, Palompon, Leyte  on JUNE 2, 1960

Their children:
1. Alejandro Werner Lafradez
2. Venancio Jesus Lafradez
3. Rodulfo Lafradez, Jr.
4. Maribeth Lafradez (deceased 4/13/2010 at age 40)

All are married with children.


Sometimes a marriage does not always turn out what it was supposed to be and couples separate for reasons of their own. Since divorce is not allowed in the Philippines, separation is the only recourse. When one of the separated couple choose another partner in life, the couple behaves as husband and wife and their union, although not sanctioned by the church, is usually accepted by their respective families in particular and society in general. Thus, the resulting family is still recognized as an integral unit of our society.

The above preface introduces the family begot and raised by RODULFO OSORIO LAFRADEZ with another partner, AUREA ALLER.

Their children:
1. Raymund A. Aller-------------------1972
2. Joel A. Aller--------------------------1973
3. Rhodora Aller Lafradez-----------1978
4. Carmelle Aller Lafradez----------1981

Raymund and Joel were born in Alegria, Cebu while Rhodora and Carmelle were born in Cebu City.

RAYMUND A. ALLER, the eldest child of Rodulfo Osorio Lafradez and Aurea Aller, graduated from Cebu City Medical Center- College of Nursing with the degree of BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING in 1993 and became a Registered Nurse. He pursued studies in law and graduated from Southwestern University with a degree of BACHELOR OF LAWS in 2004 and subsequently became a member of the PHILIPPINE BAR in 2005. He has an active practice since 2005 up to the present. In 2010, he was elected a member of the SANGGUNIANG BAYAN (Municipal Council) of Alegria, Cebu.

JOEL A. ALLER, the second child of Rodulfo Osorio Lafradez and Aurea Aller, obtained his degree in BACHELOR OF SCIENCE in COMPUTER SCIENCE from the University of San Carlos in 1995. After graduation he worked with NEC (Phils) until 1997. He also worked with Holontech Corporation in San Jose, California (USA) and is presently with Redback - Ericsson in California. He is still unmarried.

RHODORA ALLER LAFRADEZ, the 3rd child of Rodulfo Osorio Lafradez and Aurea Aller, graduated from the University of the Philippines 1999 with a degree of BACHELOR OF SCIENCE in BIOLOGY. She went on to pursue a medical degree and graduated from the Cebu Institute of Medicine in 2005. She took and passed the Physician Licensure Examination in 2006 and became a full-pledged DOCTOR OF MEDICINE after taking her oath the same year.
She is now the Medical Director of Medisense Laboratory with branches in Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Manila, Bacolod, Zamboanga and Medical III of Minglanilla District Hospital.
She is also a Medical Staff of Ultimate Care, a Tricare that caters mostly U.S. veterans, active or disabled military personnel.
She has one child: 
Pia Betina Lafradez Pacifico

CARMELLE ALLER LAFRADEZ, the youngest child of Rodulfo Osorio Lafradez and Aurea Aller, graduated from the University of the Philippines in 2002 with a degree in BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. She worked from 2002 to 2004 as  Applications Programmer at Taiyo Yuden and in 2004 to 2006 worked as Software Engineer at NCR and as Systems Analyst/Team Lead at Accenture (Phils) from 2006 to 2008.
She transferred to Singapore to work as Senior QA Analyst at Maybank from 2008 to 2010. She is presently with Hewlett Packard (HP) Asia Pacific based in Singapore QA Lead.
CARMELLE is still single.