Santiago Osorio Family

Julieta Osorio Lafradez

JULIETA O. LAFRADEZ is the 3rd child of Alejandro B. Lafradez and Zoila S. Osorio. She married Virgilio Luengo, Sr. , son of Agaton Luengo and Valentina Cequiña of Tubigon and Clarin, Bohol on June 22, 1958.

Julie/Nang Julie/Auntie Julie, as she was fondly called, passed away on June 13, 1995.

Their children: (click on links to go to respective children's pages)

3. Ma. Rowena             Luengo          -1961( died in childhood)
4. Ma. Rhodora            Luengo          -1963
5. Ma. Teresa               Luengo          -1965
6. Roberto Redentor    Luengo          -1967
7. Renante                     Luengo         -1968
8. Ronald                       Luengo         -1971
9. Rey Anthony              Luengo         -1975


1. Ma. Lourdes      -BSMT
2. Virgilio, Jr.         -BSIE
3. Ma. Rhodora     -BSC
4. Ma. Teresa        -BS Dentistry
5. Renante             -BSMT
6. Ronald               -BSC
7. Rey Anthony      -BSRT

1. Ma. Lourdes married Romeo Chitrangathan, a Singaporean citizen of Indian descent, son of Kunjan and Seeta Chitrangathan of India, on April 30, 2003.

They have no children.

Ma. Lourdes had a son before their marriage - Aleksandre Raphael Luengo, born in 1987.

2. Virgilio, Jr. married Jenneth Soo, daughter of Yu Fan Soo and Corazon Fiel of Tagum City on June 18, 1986.

Their children:

1. Phenela Gayle Luengo -1987; BSN, RN
2. Hanz Mikhail Luengo -1992
3. Margaux Fiona Luengo -1995

Virgilio, Jr. passed away on November 27, 2007 at the age of 47.

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