Santiago Osorio Family

Loreen Osorio - Sarmiento

Loreen is the second child of Loreto Osorio and Vicenta Papas. She is fondly called Yoyeen. She married CONRADO "Dodong" SARMIENTO Jr., who was a mechanical engineer. Dodong was able to beget two boys and one girl before he was taken by our Lord at a young age of 38. 

Their children:

1. Renwick Conrad
2. Eliel Jan
3. Ione Camille

2nd day - Disneyland
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they're my own
waiting for their international flight
chef nica
renwick and tarsier
Daddy and kids
EJ and me
ej and tarsier
L-R yoyeen, ione, eliel, renwick. Eliel is strong enough not to lean to his left with all those medals.