Santiago Osorio Family

The Book in English

The Family Of Kapitan Juancho Osorio

of Dalaguete Cebu

(A great and hardy tree with its branches hanging with fruits and its dense leaves offering an inviting shade.)

The History of Generations

Written by

Member of the 3rd Generation


Vicar Forane and Parish Priest of Naga, Cebu
Vice-President of "Lungsuranon"

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(Translated from Cebuano to English by Edwin Osorio La Rosa)


United in Matrimony by Friar Juan Alonso on May 31, 1853

This Book

is offered by this humble Grandson

to honor the 131st Anniversary
of their fruitful and successful marriage

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(Erected June 12, 1829)

Feast of Saint William
February 10, 1979


To make a chronicle of past generations is commendable, because even in the Holy Epistles, the Evangelist St. Matthew and St. Luke traced the roots of Jesus Christ through His genealogy or a record of His roots. One record went back to Abraham, while another went as far as Adam and to God who created Adam.

Just recently, a black writer Alex Haley, became famous and wealthy from his book, ROOTS, which traced his origin to Africa where his ancestors came from and from where they were taken and placed into slavery for 200 years. He advised that it is good for every family to write their genealogy and to meet once in a while to foster cognizance, unity and love among the family members.

Hence, the work of my friend Banong, who toiled for more than 15 years to trace his origins, is highly commendable. How fortunate is the family who has a member that has the patience, industry and the intelligence like Banong so that a record of generations can be made just like this book. Not only the Osorios will benefit from this book but everybody who will read this book will be happy in the realization that all of us have origins, like a spring that trickles and becomes a huge river like what we now see in the present families. I hope that the other families will be encouraged, by reading this beautiful chronicles of the Osorios, to make their own record so that their members will recognize, respect, and love each other.

Maybe some members of their family, that in their stubborness, will exclaim, "What's in it for me?" I will answer them by invoking the advice of a great President: Don't ask what your family can do for you - but ask what you can do for the honor and greatness of your family. Through this book Banong has contributed to the honor and greatness of the Osorio Family - what have you contributed?

Cheers and wishing for more success of the Osorios and to Urbano Osorio, my beloved friend.

                                                                                                                                Parish Priest of Naga
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During the last World War, I had a feeling of shame to meet the members of the family of Kapitan Juancho Osorio who was scattered all over here and in many parts of our country. Life’s hardships, the difficult living conditions in the places where we evacuated, the fear of the Japanese and of the guerillas at every moment, prompted us to look for allies who can protect life and property and help in finding food. Those times tested the thoughts and feelings of mankind. Then, who was frequently called, fit and able to help in those times of extreme hardship and fear, other than a family member, one who is related by blood?....

In the early days of the war, I went to Bohol to protect the longevity of my hunted life. I was the first Occupation Mayor of our town. I was elected Vice-Mayor during the elections of 1940 and became the Acting Mayor when the enemy invaded Cebu. That is why I was sought after so I will continue to govern the town. After the guerillas were organized, Atty. Jose Almagro and I evacuated. Far from my beloved family and my aged mother, I can only imagine them from the shores of Tagbilaran while my heart is filled with nostalgia and concern for our town. Especially during the times when the mountains were kissed by the clouds! ........

Not long after, I was able to cross the sea and landed south of Negros. This was much farther from the bosom of my family and friends. And it was here that I was adopted by a family from Dalaguete even though I was not their blood relative. Thanks heavens, I was able to witness the liberation! ….. That is why after the war I tried to search and examine the long lineage of our family that now, after the passage of more than 180 years, resulted in 7 generations. This is the family of Kapitan Juancho Osorio and Vicenta Lucero. But Kapitan Edong, the father whom I missed, has passed away and whose tongue, according to those who knew him and those who witnessed, can narrate to anybody the story of our family. He can narrate the history of our town: its successes and failures, in peacetime and in wartime. And Kapitan Emon Salvador and Tiago Osorio, the nephews who had the intellect and the capacity to emulate the ability of my father are now in deep slumber in their lonely resting places. Cousin Emon and Cousin Tiago could have imparted to me the necessary knowledge. But they too have passed away. How sad that this endeavor came too late!….

But after a lot of misses and a diligent search for a remaining elder of our family, I came upon Iyo Hantoy (Juan Osorio, the son of Antonio Osorio, who is the oldest son of Kapitan Juancho). Iyo Hantoy was the one who told me about the couple Juan Sereño and Maria Vicenta, the Great Tree¸ symbol of our family. They had 10 children: 5 boys and 5 girls. From them 7 married, 5 males and 2 females. But 1 of them did not beget children: Florencio Osorio who married Gerarda Salvador. From the 6 who got married, I based my search for their progeny and I leaned on the well-preserved Record of Births, Record of Marriages, and Record of Deaths of our parish. From the children of Juan and Maria I sought when they were married and who were their spouses. I was able to know their spouses and I also searched for their children and when they were born. In short, I made a thorough investigation of the children and grandchildren of Kapitan Juancho. And he had 55 grandchildren in all! ... Still fresh in my mind is the Castillian features of Tata Anoy (Mariano Osorio), whose right hand held the head of Naning Salvador (his great great granddaughter, the daughter of Cristino)and who, now and then, visited my father who was his youngest child.

From the family of Mariano Osorio and Antonio Osorio, Kapitan Juancho had already 7 descendants and this can be read in Chapter VIII of this book.

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Together with the launching of this book, I express my heartfelt gratitude to the previous Parish priests of our parish who entrusted me to read and to do my research using the Libros Canonicos of the parish. I also thank Iyo Hantoy, who has passed on to another world, for enlightening my way to the roots of our family. And also to Cousin Tinoy Salvador and Mam’a Elias Osorio, who, when they were alive and knew about my endeavor, gave me encouragement to continue this huge undertaking that I started and to publish this for the knowledge of the present children and those yet to be born. That is why I tried my best to meet all those I know and to write those that are far away. It is sad, however, that despite all my effort there were many who were not able to give their  Family Record to be included in this book. And this was printed although there were many in our family that have not been mentioned.

My beloved family, facing you now is the book that has long been conceived by time and is now delivered into the realm of literature. In its pages, you can imagine a flat land emblazoned by a wide and straight road. Follow this road and you will meet on the roadside your blood relations, maybe your uncles and aunts and their siblings, maybe your grandfather or grandmother and their brothers and sisters who are not yet known to you. No doubt you will be encouraged and will want to go further, and further still ..... until you reach the inviting courtyard of the house of Kapitan Juancho Osorio and Vicenta Lucero, the blessed couple, whose progeny before and at present are serving with great responsibilities in the Church and in government, pride and honor of Dalaguete. You are not a foreigner,  but my beloved companion, you are a member of this family, an example of our  society. If this humble book entertains and gives you the necessary knowledge about our family, then, my effort and diligence are worth it. I am hopeful that this manuscript produced by my dull pen will be treasured and kept as a family heirloom, a product of my endeavor and sleepless nights in the twilight of my life.

Dalaguete, Cebu

May 25, 1984                                                                                                                                      URBANO OSORIO


Before the order of Governor  Claveria the Filipinos were allowed to carry a name that they like and this was followed by another name that served as their surname. That is why in the books of Record of Births, Record of Marriages, and Record of Deaths one can read many names of the early Christians: Maria Ignacia, Leonarda Maria, Catalina Isabel, Agustin Ignacio, etc. The wife of Kapitan Celedonio Villahermoza was named Maria Inocencia.


Even today there are persons who carry names that are followed by another name as in Augusto Ignacio, Juan Juan,  Salvador Jose, Fernando Esteban, Francisco Santiago, Julio Domingo, Rogelio Amparo, etc.

There are also those that made different surnames which are pure Filipino that we can read and hear: Kahoy, Namok, Kalaw, Talinis, Lansang, Kasilag, Limotlimot, Baguio, Magdadaro, Tungol, Kahil, Pag-usara, Pag-usara, Iway, Mangubat, Ypil, Dulce, Locaylocay, etc.


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This narrative that traces the long line of our ancestry began at the convent circa 1880 where a young man, who was a foreigner, married a native of our place. And ended in 1983 when the grandchildren of Atty. Amando O. Amazona, Jr. were born and who were counted as the seventh generation of Juan Sereño, who was the former servant of the Parish Priest, who became his majordomo and was later appointed as Gobenadorcillo. It was said that Juan Sereño was brought as a servant by the Friar who was assigned as the Parish Priest of Dalaguete. He was trustworthy and obedient that the Parish Priest made him the majordomo of the convent. During the Spanish times, people look up to the people who were associated with the church and the convent. And Juan, being the majordomo of the convent, was well known in the community and married a lady from a prominent family. He married Maria Vicenta.

During those times, the Parish Priest was very powerful. So, it was not a surprise to the people that Juan was appointed as Gobernadorcillo (the head of the town). His administration was successful and fruitful because of the backing and help of the Parish Priest. In a valuable historical document where the boundaries of the surrounding towns: Argao, Moalboal, Badian, Alegria and Boljoon, Kapitan Juancho Osorio (Juan Sereño) attended and signed the said document with the Parish priest, Friar Manuel Gallo. The document was prepared on January 18, 1834 at the Casa Real de Cebu under the leadership of the Mayor and Captain of the Spanish Armada, Sr. Don Manuel Romero and of the Ecclesiastic Fiscal, Friar Julian Bermejo. At that meeting, all Parish priests, Gobernadorcillos, the Principals and leaders of the aforementioned towns attended and signed the document.

On July 16, 1844, General Narceso Claveria was appointed as the 64th Governor General of the Philippines. Hordered that all Filipinos carry a Spanish surname to make it easier to trace their lineage. Different Spanish surnames were posted on the door of the church for the people to choose from and the chosen surname will be affixed to their old names. Kapitan Juancho (Juan Sereño) chose the surname OSORIO since, according to his Parish priest the surname was famous in Spain. And his wife chose a new name, VICENTA LUCERO. When their children, Romana Osorio and Antonio Osorio, were married, Vicenta Lucero was written on the Record of Marriages instead of Maria Vicenta as their mother.

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From the bosom of the marriage of JUAN OSORIO and VICENTA LUCERO sprang the families that propagated not only here in Dalaguete but in other provinces of our country. During their marriage, Christian peace and harmony reigned in their lives. Being good Catholics and exemplary citizens they were showered with God's blessings. They were prosperous and lived a life of ease.

And they begot 10 children, who like them, were obedient to the teachings of the Church and the laws of the land. Their children, who were born and raised with caring to understand our faith and of the lessons of their marriage inculcated into their minds and hearts, are the beautiful and priceless fruits of their love and understanding in the nest of matrimony:

                                            1. ANTONIO OSORIO
                                            2. MARIANO OSORIO
                                            3. ISABEL OSORIO
                                            4. ROMANA OSORIO
                                            5. EVARISTO OSORIO
                                            6. BENITA OSORIO
                                            7. SIMON OSORIO
                                            8. FLORENCIO OSORIO
                                            9. DOROTEA OSORIO
                                            10. ANACLETA OSORIO

Five are girls and five are boys! ......They are creations who were given and entrusted to them by God, molded in His image. Five boys and two girls were able to perch on the boat of Love and reach the shores of matrimony:

                                    1. ROMANA to Eduardo Buenconsejo on September 21, 1847
                                    2. ANTONIO to Leoncia Almagro on February 8, 1848
                                    3. MARIANO to Macaria Villahermosa on May 31,1853
                                    4. EVARISTO to Romana Garces on February 2, 1855
                                    5. DOROTEA to Pedro Buenconsejo on February 7, 1859
                                    6. SIMON to Florentina Llanos on January 22,1867

Of the seven that got married, only one did not have any children, Florencio Osorio and Gerarda Salvador. And the descendants of those that got married are scattered all over Dalaguete and the provinces of Visayas, Luzon and Mindanao. Even in America, Canada and Spain! ..... And in this book you will meet them in their homes in the town of Kapitan Juancho and of those who emigrated to other lands to seek their fame and fortune.

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(First Cousins)


The first one to get married from the family of Juancho Osorio and Vicenta Lucero was ROMANA OSORIO. She married EDUARDO TRAMBULO (Buenconsejo) who was the son of Martin Ignacio and Maria Catalina. The marriage was officiated by Friar Juan Alonso on September 21, 1847, and their sponsors were Kapitan Tobis (Tobias Veniegra) and Monica Emepradora.

Their children:

1.       Meletona     Buenconsejo ------------------------------

2.       Mauricia                            -----------------------------  September 21, 1851

3.       Nicolasa                            -----------------------------  September 16, 1853

4.       Micaila                               -----------------------------  September 30, 1855

5.       Fernanda                           -----------------------------  May 22, 1857

6.       Prudencio                          ----------------------------- April 27, 1859

7.       Francisco                           ----------------------------- April 1, 1861

8.       Francisco             "              ----------------------------- December 3, 1862

9.       Juan                                   ----------------------------- March 7, 1866

Only two got married and all the girls remained single until their deaths. And the ones that married are the following:

1.       Prudencio  --------------------------to Paula Hernaiz, February 19, 1878

2.       Francisco  --------------------------to Abundia Lerma, June 6, 1892

The marriage of the oldest son of Kapita Juancho and Vicenta Lucera was a memorable occasion. ANTONIO OSORIO and LEONCIA SEVILLA (Almagro) were married on the eighth novenary day of the feast of St. William, February 8, 1848. LEONCIA was the daughter of N. and Maria Vicenta. They were united in the sacrament of matrimony by Friar Juan Alonso while their sponsors were Saturgisto Selerio and Catalina Isabel and the ceremony was witnessed by a lot of people. These are their children:

1.       Clemente    Osorio     ----------------------------------November 18, 1848

2.       Bernarda        “             ---------------------------------August 16, 1850

3.       Cirila               “             ---------------------------------July 7, 1852

4.       Felipe                          ---------------------------------September 13, 1854

5.       Filomena                     ---------------------------------February 4, 1857

6.       Camilo                         ---------------------------------January 20, 1860

7.       Fausta                          ---------------------------------October 12, 1861

8.       Paula                            ---------------------------------September 25, 1864

9.       Juan                             ---------------------------------August 29. 1868

From this family, the following got married:

1.       Clemente      -------------------------------to Eduveges Cortes, May 5, 1874

2.       Felipe            -------------------------------to Consolacion Bajarias, May 21, 1878

        to Maria Batoctoy, July 9. 1889

3.       Bernarda      -------------------------------to Luis Bajarias, August 23, 1881

4.       Juan              -------------------------------to Hipolita Batoctoy, October 11, 1887

5.       Filomena      -------------------------------to Aquilino Bajarias, February 14, 1888

6.       Fausta          -------------------------------to Jacob Batoctoy, November 14, 1888

The third child of Juancho Osorio and Vicenta Lucero was MARIANO OSORIO who married the daughter of Kapitan Celedonio Villahermosa and Maria Inocencia.  She was MACARIA VILLAHERMOSA

1. Julia Osorio --------------------------------------December 19, 1853

2. Andrea Osorio ----------------------------------November 29, 1855

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 3.       Ricardo         Osorio    ---------------------------February 7, 1857

4.       Inocentes        “             ---------------------------December 27, 1858

5.       Valeriano        “             ---------------------------April 14, 1861

6.       Juan                             ---------------------------March 29, 1864

7.       Pablo                           ---------------------------August 16, 1867

8.       Placido                        ---------------------------October 10, 1870

Those who married:

1.       Julia             ------------------------------    to Toribio Belciña, July 15, 1873

            to Bernardo Pizarro, August 10, 1882

2.       Ricardo       ------------------------------    to Filomena Navarrete, February 24, 1879

3.       Inocentes    ------------------------------    to Isabel Villalta, November 3, 1880

4.       Juan            ------------------------------    to Victoria Belciña, April 22, 1894

            to Isidora Legaspi, April 24, 1894

5.       Andrea        ------------------------------    to Jose Salvador, January 7, 1885

6.       Placido       ------------------------------    to Cenona de la Peña, August 5, 1890

7.       Valeriano    ------------------------------    to Marcelina Quiroga, February 23, 1909

On February 2, 1855, the second novenary day of the celebration of the Feast of our Patron Saint, St. William, the fifth child of Juancho Osorio and Vicenta Lucero was married. He was EVARISTO OSORIO. The able companion he chose to wage the rigors of life was ROMANA GARCES, who was the daughter of Francisco Garces and Luisa Tejada. They were united by Friar Placido Peñalosa. Their sponsors were Sotero Buenconsejo and Dalmacia Buenconsejo. The fruits of their marriage came to an even dozen.

1.       Nicolas          Osorio  ------------------  December 2, 1855

2.       Estanislao    “              ------------------  November 11, 1857

3.       Luis                             ------------------  June 21, 1859

4.       Matea                         ------------------  September 18, 1861

5.       Jorgea                        ------------------  July 26, 1864

6.       Francisco                   ------------------  December 2, 1866

7.       Basilio                        ------------------  April 14, 1868

8.       Isabel                          ------------------  November 6, 1869

9.       Maria                          ------------------  December 12, 1871

10.   Faustino                     ------------------  February 15, 1876

11.   Elias                           ------------------  July 20, 1877

12.   Alipia                          ------------------  August 15, 1879

The following were married:

1.       Nicolas         ---------------------------   to Juana Vargas, November 25, 1879

2.       Estanislao    ---------------------------   to Hilaria Selerio, November 23,1880

3.       Luis               ---------------------------   to Vicenta Princesa, November 8, 1881

4.       Matea           ---------------------------   to Tomas Carin, September 11, 1888

5.       Basilio          ---------------------------   to Severina Carin, October 11, 1888

    to Bartola Quilaton, July 9, 1895

6.       Jorgea          ---------------------------   to Juan Carin, March 4, 1889

7.       Maria            ---------------------------   to Eduardo Amaba, March 12, 1895

8.       Elias             ---------------------------   to Jorgea Quilaton, January 29, 1901

9.       Isabel            ---------------------------   to Cirilo Quilaton, October 8, 1904

It was also during the novenary of the Feast of  St. William that DOROTEA OSORIO, the ninth child of Juancho Osorio and Vicenta Lucero was married. She chose PEDRO BUENCONSEJO, who was the son of Martin Buenconsejo and Catalina Cortes, to be her husband and co-pilot of their boat that will navigate the sea of life. (When Eduardo Trambulo married Romana Osorio, Martin carried the family name IGNACIO and Catalina carried the name MARIA CATALINA. Both of them obeyed the edict of the Governor General Narceso Claveria that all Filipinos carry a Spanish surname, hence the change of name from Martin Ignacio to Martin Buenconsejo and from Maria Catalina to Catalina Cortes). 

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Because of this name change, it became clear that the sisters ROMANA OSORIO and DOROTEA OSORIO were wives of the brothers EDUARDO BUENCONSEJO and PEDRO BUENCONSEJO. As old people would describe this event: The sisters were uprooted! The hands of DOROTEA and PEDRO were united in marriage by Friar Leon Mendoza on February 7, 1859 and their sponsors were Paulino Abarca and Nicolasa Juarez. The date was the seventh day of the novena of our Fiesta.

Another dozen children ensued:

1. Ruperto Buenconsejo --------------------------October 28, 1859
2. Estanislao " --------------------------May 6, 1861
3. Elena " --------------------------August 17, 1863
4. Florentina " --------------------------October 15, 1865
5. Cornelio " --------------------------September 14, 1867
6. Remigia " --------------------------October 1, 1869
7. Ygnacio " --------------------------July 31, 1871
8. Susana " --------------------------May 27, 1873
9. Mamerto " --------------------------May 11, 1875
10. Manuela " --------------------------August 6, 1876
11. Crescencia " --------------------------December 29, 1878
12. Antonio " --------------------------

Only half of them got married:

1. Ruperto ----------------------------to Blasa Bajarias, November 8, 1881
Marciana Senajon, June 19, 1925
2. Elena ----------------------------to Cipriano Bajarias, November 8, 1881
3. Remigia ----------------------------to Isidoro Artes, February 13, 1886
4. Ygnacio ----------------------------to Inocenta Dicdican, September 2, 1890
5. Susana ----------------------------to Rosendo Bajarias, May 25, 1892
Apolonio Ortiz, January 22, 1907
6. Manuela ----------------------------to Domingo Caballero, May 3, 1907

The seventh child of Kapitan Juancho and Vicenta Lucero was SIMON OSORIO who got married to FLORENTINA LLANOS, who was the daughter of Marcelino Llanos and Simeona Bustillos. They were united in marriage by Friar Juan Alonso on January 22, 1867 and their sponsors were Anselmo Osorio and Francisca Buenconsejo. 

Their children:

1. Victor Osorio ------------------------------------July 26, 1867
2. Fortunato " ------------------------------------June 11, 1869
3. Germana " ------------------------------------May 28, 1870
4. Florencia " ------------------------------------October 27, 1873
5. Gregorio " ------------------------------------May 25, 1878


1. Victor -------------------------------------to Concepcion Cortes, October 25, 1887
2. Gregorio -------------------------------------to Gertrudes Villahermoza, November 18, 1890
3. Germana -------------------------------------to Pascual Magno, November 16, 1896
4. Florencia -------------------------------------to Ruperto Batoctoy, February 1, 1897

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(Second Cousins)

Romana Osorio - Eduardo Buenconsejo

The marriage of Eduardo Buenconsejo and Romana Osorio presented the world with 8 children but only 2 of these 8 got married: Prudencio and Francisco. Prudencio was the 6th child who was born on April 27, 1859. Friar Leon Mendoza baptized him and his sponsor was Enrique Batoctoy. He married PAULA HERNAEZ, who was the daughter of Policarpo Hernaez and Jorgea Cisneros, on February 19, 1878. Friar Mateo Diez officiated the marriage and the sponsors were Enrique Batoctoy and Dorotea Osorio. Their children:
1. Juana         Buenconsejo--------------June 26, 1879
2. Mariano      Buenconsejo--------------October 18, 1880
3. Gregoria     Buenconsejo--------------May 25, 1882
4. Antonia       Buenconsejo--------------June 13, 1884
5. Fidel            Buenconsejo--------------March 23, 1886
6. Honorato     Buenconsejo--------------January 11, 1889
7. Jose            Buenconsejo--------------March 5, 1891
8. Celso          Buenconsejo--------------July 23, 1893

Of their children, only half of them got married:

1. Fidel----------------------to Victoria Osorio, May 23, 1908
                                                                               to Cornelia Legaspi, November 8, 1928  
2. Juana--------------------to Pascual Magno, September 7, 1908
3. Honorato----------------to Leonila Gonzales, May 25, 1914
4. Celso---------------------to Leonor Dioko, January 25, 1925

The day of April 1, 1861 witnessed the birth of the 8th child of Eduardo Buenconsejo and Romana Osorio. He was FRANCISCO BUENCONSEJO. He was sponsored by Patricio Carvajal when Friar Leon Mendoza baptized him. He married ABUNDIA LERMA, who was the daughter of Paulino Lerma and Perfecta Hernaez, on June 6, 1892. Friar Urbano Alvarez united them in marriage. Their sponsors were Florencio Osorio and Benita Osorio, the uncle and aunt of Mama Kikoy. Their children:

1. Atanacio                    Buenconsejo----------May 2, 1894
2. Epifanio                     Buenconsejo----------May 12, 1895
3. Vicenta                      Buenconsejo----------January 22, 1896
4. Honorata                   Buenconsejo----------January 11, 1899
5. Ma. Annunciacion    Buenconsejo----------August 15, 1902
6. Gaudiosa                  Buenconsejo----------October 28, 1904
7. Antonia                      Buenconsejo----------

Those who married:

1. Honorata--------------------to Amando Osorio, July 6, 1918
2. Vicenta----------------------to Anacleto Bajarias, September 19, 1918
3. Gaudiosa-------------------to Fortunato Bajarias, February 28, 1927

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Antonio Osorio - Leoncia Almagro

The eldest child of the couple Antonio Osorio and Leoncia Almagro was CLEMENTE OSORIO, who was born on November 18, 1848. He got married to EDUVEGES CORTES, who was the daughter of Apolonio Cortes and Marcelina Cisneros, on May 5, 1874. They were united by Friar Mateo Diez. Their sponsors were Cleto Almagro and Romana Osorio. Their children:

1. Jose                  Osorio----------------August 27, 1874
2. Florentina         Osorio----------------October 16, 1875
3. Marta                Osorio----------------February 23, 1877
4. Procopia          Osorio----------------July 8, 1879
5. Ma. Mercedes Osorio----------------September 24, 1880
6. Francisca         Osorio----------------December 3, 1881
7. Julia                  Osorio----------------January 19, 1883
8. Filemon            Osorio----------------November 22, 1885

Only 2 from the family of Mente-Edog (the nickname of the couple) got married:

1. Florentina------------------------to Pedro Rivas
2. Marta------------------------------to Gabriel Coronel, May 14, 1912

FELIPE OSORIO, who was the 4th child of Antonio Osorio and Leoncia Almagro, married CONSOLACION BAJARIAS, who was the daughter of Felipe Bajarias and Romana Hernaez. Friar Mateo Diez united their hands in marriage on May 21, 1878. Their sponsors were Rafael Mendoza and Eusebia Salvador. FELIPE was born on September 13, 1854 and was baptized by Friar Dalmacio Cañizares and his baptismal sponsor was Francisco Garces. The couple had only one child because CONSOLACION was taken by the grim reaper. The child:

Beatrez Osorio-----------------July 29, 1888

And this only child married:

Beatrez-----------------------to Galo Villanueva

After Eping (the nickname of FELIPE) became a widower, he immediately thought of getting married again. It was MARIA BATOCTOY, the daughter of Valeriano Batoctoy and Placida Buenconsejo, whom he chose to be his able companion that ended his single status in life. They were married by Father Ruperto Sarmiento on July 8, 1889, even before the death anniversary of his wife's demise. The sponsors were the siblings Prudencio and Meletona Buenconsejo, who were the uncle and aunt of Eping. The children of the second marriage:

1. Aurea                 Osorio-------------August 24, 1890
2. Emilia                Osorio-------------May 28, 1893
3. Tomas               Osorio-------------December 23, 1895
4. Fulqueria           Osorio-------------September 10, 1899
5. Victoriano          Osorio-------------February 26, 1902
6. Honorato            Osorio-------------May 16, 1906
7. Felicisimo          Osorio-------------October 26, 1909
8. Emilia                 Osorio-------------May 20, 1912

Only the following got married:

1. Aurea-----------------------to Teodosio Buenconsejo, May 9, 1911
2. Victoriano-----------------to Rosario Buenconsejo, July 7, 1926

The 2nd child of the couple Antonio Osorio and Leoncia Almagro was BERNARDA OSORIO who was born on August 16, 1850. Placida Buenconsejo was the baptismal sponsor. While unmarried, she gave birth

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to be continued...

Antonio Osorio - Leoncia Almagro

to a baby girl:

Gertrudes Osorio ---------------------September 15, 1879

An she married at a young age:
Gertrudes --------------------------------to Julio Amahan,  September 15, 1879

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