Santiago Osorio Family

Thelma Osorio La Rosa

THELMA OSORIO LA ROSA married  TOMAS LEBUMFACIL FERNANDEZ from Carmen, Cebu. They married a short while after they graduated from Cebu Institute of Technology College of Medicine (now Cebu Institute of Medicine). She practiced in Dalaguete and after she got married, she joined the faculty of Cebu Institute of Medicine, Department of Preventive Medicine together with her husband. Both of them were sent to the University of the Philippines Manila, to study and obtain their MASTER IN PUBLIC HEALTH post-graduate degrees. Tomas went on to become the chairman of the Department of Preventive Medicine and later was plucked from the academe by Mayor Tomas Osmeña to become the City Health Officer of Cebu City. Thelma, on the other hand, became the Chairman of the Department of Preventive Medicine and continued to have her practice in Family Medicine in Mandaue City. In 2010, THELMA OSORIO LA ROSA - FERNANDEZ became the Dean of Cebu Institute of Medicine.

Their children:

1. Jude Thaddeus L. Fernandez
2. Terence L. Fernandez
3. Tudor L. Fernandez

Thelma Osorio La Rosa graduated from CIT