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Here's an email from Manang Thelma (Dr. Thelma O. La Rosa-Fernandez) after they attended the funeral of Tia Rose Medina in Surigao. 

Dear everyone,


Just arrived this afternoon from Surigao to attend the burial of Tia Rose.  While there we had the pleasant opportunity to reminisce with the third generation and  the Davao contingent(I am sending  you a picture and would give a prize to the first one who can give the names of the people in the picture, Camila not included) about the direct descendants of the Santiago Osorio clan, that means our parents. And the subject again of the reunion came up.  As we were the last to leave this afternoon, we've set the date tentatively on May 1, 2015 in Dalaguete.  Venue and the schedule of the activities to be planned by the Cebu group. We are making this early announcement so we can spread the word about the reunion and everybody can make their plans for the coming year.  We would like to hear from everybody sa halangdong banay ni Santiago. Please write  your inputs, do we form a group or whatever, (Edwin, your the techie, can we use the website you've made?) ug unsaon na.  Ako I am just giving the initial information  because I am the eldest female apo nga based here in Dalaguete.  Manong Boy Amazona  is actually the eldest living apo.


Please spread the word as we should all keep in touch. 


Nang Thelma  


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Thank you for the email. I am the grandchild of Boy Amazona and Inday Rosario and the daughter of Boyito Amazona. Please do let me know how can I help you guys. I can relay the details of your reunion to Lolo and Lola.


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Salamat Nong Edwin, for the FYI.

I am going home to Cebu for good this coming April. Not sure where I shall be again by May 2015 but I'll keep the reunion in mind.

However I register again the fact that my brothers and I are not placed in the "family tree".  One can only see the children of Loreto Cornelio with Vicenta Papas.  We are his children with Aurora Papas:

Terence Amythest Gemma P. Osorio
Walter Cornelio P. Osorio 
Stanley Joshua P. Osorio 

It is good to be included in the communications and I do look forward to getting acquainted with cousins and all.  I hope there is no problem with putting my mother's and our names in the family tree.

Thanks again.  Blessings...

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Hi uncle. i suggest that we create a facebook of santiago clan group wherein we the descendants can open any suggestion there for the said reunion that can be seen to all. Regards to tita ayen..

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Hi Tio Edwin

I have created a page on FB called 'Santiago Osorio Clan Reunion' today as
the base camp for input, suggestions, etc.. This will save you time
updating the SantiagoOsorioClan website.

I still have to 'decorate' the page with relevant photos but that can
wait.  I'll send invites to my siblings, cousins and aunties that I know
personally.  I'm sure the six degrees of separation will take effect and
by that time, we would have already advise everyone in our bloodline.

And also, may I suggest the following:

1. Color coded t-shirts to be worn during the reunion (e.g Lola Netta's
descendants to wear like pink)..

2. Allain (Kuya's son) has a t-shirt printing business so we can order
from him, provided we give him enough time

3.  Badges...... I'm a member of the Toastmasters Club at our workplace
and as such, I wear a Toastmasters membership badge..

Speaking with pride, what about if each of us who attend the reunion (and
those who couldn't), got given a Santiago Osorio Clan membership badge? If
we order many, maybe we can get a discount.  Each person will have to pay
for his/her own badge of course.

The badge design to say something like "Member of Santiago Osorio Clan and
proud of it".  Afterall, we are all proud of our heritage, aren't we?

Anyway, that's my 2 cents' worth.

Take care.